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Om Sai Ram friends.

My name is Brammanand. All my friends, near and dear ones call me as Anand. Present I am staying in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

I went to shirdi by walk (padayatra) two times. That was a very great yatra in my life. My family…… I have two lovely children named Anju and Sai. These children was really gift of Sai to me. Because when I went on my first padayatra, Sai blessed me and my marriage was settled on that year itself, the year of my first padayatra. I walked all the way to Shirdi from Hyderabad with my close friend Ravindranath. Two times he gave me a chance to participate in padayatra. How can I express in words about Sai padayatra. That experience of padayatra was really golden, filled with Sai blessing. During my first padayatra, i got so much experience, Sai came in my path and he talked to me like friend. Yes its true. I know not many will believe but it is hundred percent true. How can I walk all the way to Shirdi. Baba only gave me energy for my every step. During our first padayatra, Ravi and me took twenty six days. We cannot describe the miracles that we experienced of Shirdi Sai Baba during our journey. It was during winter month of December so you can imagine how cold the weather would be between Hyderabad to Shirdi. We used to start walking at 4 am. One day my foot got injured and I could not take a step but with Baba’s blessings and my friend Ravi’s help who gave me confidence, I just walked. All the padayatra days i spent thinking of Sai only. All villagers received us well and they treated us like we were sent by Baba himself to their village. They prepared food items like dal, chawal, gavuka roti, juwarika roti, sambar ….and so on.

Now days so many of Sai devotees are undertaking this yatra. Shirdi sai padayatra is going like ocean. In India from so many places Sai devotees are preparing for such padayatra. From Mumbai, there are thousands and thousands of devotees who walk all the way to Shirdi.

From Hyderabad, there are good number of Sai devotees who go in groups to Shirdi by walk. When padayatra devotees reach shirdi, the Shirdi Sai Sansthan gives good response to them. They provide accommodation, darshan, and Sai aratis. Sai devotees chant sai namam mantram “om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai” during their journey to Shirdi on foot. I will tell all the Sai devotees who want to go o such padayatra, no need to worry for food and accommodation, because Shirdi Sai will take care of all the yatris. Time to time all arrangements will settle. For all the first time padayatra devotees, feel free to contact me, I will explaine this entire yatra because i done this two times. My best friend ravindranath went to shirdi nine times purely because of Baba’s blessings and permission. Anyone can undertake such padayatra, female devotee, male devotee, children and elderly people can also go on such padayatra. During my padayatra, every day i travel thirty kilometers only. Some times fourty five kilometeres also. One day what happened, the new taar road was being laid in the main national highway(NH-9), there were big stones laid out for a distance of nearly five kilometers. And they were dropping hot taar on the road and we had to take that path only. There was no other way. Simply my friend ravi and me went walking on those stones chanting sai namam and we crosed the five kilometers. We also had to cross one big water body. It was a couple of feet deep water. There was no other option to go further in our journey. We crossed this by going through it. Now in that place, they have constructed big flyover. Padayatris now going to shirdi from Hyderabad are really lucky because no lakes/rivers will come on the path. Big big flyovers and bridges are constructed. Now the road map is very very perfect. No need to worry.

Now, on the way, you will come across small small villages, and big towns and you will also have all facilities like Atm centers, national banks, hospitals, medical shops, vegetable markets everything we will get on the path. You will come across many dhabas as well. While walking to Shirdi, you will see many road sides beautiful gardens, apple trees, orange trees, mango trees..etc. and also vegetable fields. You will not have any problems of water during the entire six hundred kilometers to Shirdi. So many fields. How can i describe this yatra. I can never ever forget this journey of shirdi padayatra. Now I am planning next my third padayatra with my friend Ravindranath who is very much experienced in this padayatra. My second padayatra was also very great memorable moment in my life. One of my best friend mohan babu came with me for this padayatra. This second padayatra also ravindranath organized. I dont forget these friends.

If we do this Shirdi Sai Padayatra , we will get hundred percent faith and confidence on Shirdi Sai Baba that he is with us. No doubt this is very clear in my life.

All the best friends to all those who are going to plan shirdi padayatra. If you have any questions, then you can direclyt ask me any time. Thank you all Sai devotees for reading my yatra experience.


Om sai ram.

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