Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra – Bhajan Session at Ghoti (Day 3 of the yatra)

After having walked a distance of around 45 km…some of the Sai Baba Devotees are resting while some of the them are participating in the bhajan session.

Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra – Day 2 (Breakfast break)

Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra..Sai Baba devotees lined up to have their breakfast.

Sai Baba’s Palkhi Yatra at Vavi (40 kms away from Shirdi)

Sai Baba’s palkhi yatra(Shraddha Padayatrik Mitra Mandal) at a village called Vavi about 40 kms away from Shirdi. Despite having walked around 50 km, all padayatris showed no sign of tiredness and danced for hours accompanying Baba’s palkhi through Vavi village.

Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra- resting at a villagers house

During our padatra to shirdi…some of the padayatriks taking a break at one of the villagers house. Bullock cart still is the main mode of transport for these people.

Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra – walking through rough terrain

Day 4 of Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra….Many padayatris have walked barefoot on such terrains

Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra – Well on Kasara ghat

Day 3 of Shirdi padayatra…all padayatris taking bath near a well at kasara ghat. Water is chilling cold.

Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra – Day 6

Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra–final day. All Sai Baba devotees greeting each other on successfully completing the padayatra and reaching Shirdi.

Sai Baba’s palkhi from Rahata to Shirdi

This was the last 5 kms of our padaytra from Rahata to Shirdi. On this stretch all the padayatris get a chance to hold Baba’s Palkhi.

Shirdi Padayatra 2014 Sachin Nath

Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra 2014 by Sai Charan Padayatri Mandal of Khotwadi. This video is starting point of the shirdi padayatra from Khotwadi, Santacruz West, Mumbai on February 12, 2014. This was a 8 day long padayatra, reaching Shirdi on February 19th. There were a total of almost 225 padayatris participating in this 8 day long journey by walk to Shirdi.

Dog accompanying the Sai Palkhi

This was my 3rd padayatra to Shirdi. In all the 3 padayatras, I have seen a dog joining the padayatris somewhere on the outskirts of Mumbai and walks with them right up to Shirdi. The dog featured in this video accompanied Sai Charan Padayatri Mandal’s padayatra to Shirdi in February 2014.

Mumbai To Shirdi Padayatra by Sai Charan Padayatri Mandal

Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra Organized By Sai Charan Padayatri Mandal of Khotwadi Santacruz West– February 12, 2014 To February 19, 2014.
This bhajan session was of the last day of Padayatra Near Shirdi at Bhai Thakur Complex at Nimgaon.