Posted By: P.Ramesh Babu

I do not know whether it was the boon or loan given by Baba to me, but my Shirdi journey was peaceful. Since it was journey- there were ups and downs like in any journey. My friend had accompanied me in this journey by walk (Padayatra). He had already visited Shirdi 11 times by walk but now he has reached Baba and is taking rest in the heaven. As far as my journey is concerned, several surprising incidents took place. Several troubles wished me during my ‘Padayatra’. My feet were swollen- pains tried to create fear in me. But, all these things vanished because of the mercy of Baba on me. My friends had tried to prevent me from my ‘Padayatra’. They discouraged me saying that it was ‘impossible’ for me. But, I did not step back. I did not bother about the discouragement and the frustration and left the burden on Baba. I stepped ahead on my journey. I strongly believe that Baba was with me, who led me towards Shiridi. I still believe that only my strong faith and hope on Baba led me towards his holy place.
Another important thing- In certain situations a lie could be used as a weapon- Thus, I told the known people that I was going to Bombay. All believed my version except my mother. Baba himself told the fact. This was an amazing incident- Baba does like mother. My mother said ‘I am your own mother. I know you said a lie. Baba told me everything’ and her mother’s heart questioned me ‘Why did you initiate this adventure? It is so far. Won’t the journey a a burden?’ I convinced my mother that Baba would be with me in my journey. My faith did not go waste. My Shirdi journey was fantastic from the beginning to the end.

‘Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu’

Yours Sai servant

P.Ramesh Babu

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Ramesh sent me his story of padayatra written in Telugu. I took the help of a translation company to translate the contents of that letter in English. Our idea was to project the content as close as possible to the way it was written in Telugu, so if there are any mistakes then we are sorry for it. I personally spoke to Ramesh to get more details from him about his padayatra which was not jotted in the letter. Here are some more facts: Ramesh had gone to Shirdi by walk almost 5 years back in the year 2007. It took him 12 days to reach Shirdi. They used to walk almost 60 kms a day. Hyderabad to Shirdi is 600+ kms. Another interesting point to note is that they used to stay at road side dhabas at night and all they carried with them was water bottle and a towel.