Mandal / Group Name Jai Bhole Group Nashik.
Contact Persons Shri Pushkar K. Shinde
Address Shinde Vakhar, Puna road, Hanuman Chouk, Nashik -11.
Contact No Mob. No. 9823658222
Starting Point Hanuman Chowk, Nashik
Padayathra Shirdi


Jai Bhole Group, Nashik organized padyatra from Nashik to Shirdi. The arduous journey with distance of over 100 km was covered walking by devotees in a huge group. Members carrying palanquin consisting photos and footprints of Sai Baba, took to His shrine in Shirdi. The journey began from Hanuman Chowk on January 02,2012 and the devotees reached Shirdi on January 05. They will to cover atleast 32 km daily. Secretary of Jai Bhole Group, Nashik told that During padyatra they will be resting along roads,” Scores of Sai Devotees undertake this laborious task and relate a feeling that’s close to absolute contentment and bliss towards the end of the journey. Vehicles carrying daily essential and luggage accompany the troupe during the padyatra.  “This is the third year that we are conducting this yatra. So, we are well versed with the region and rest of the places.We have also inform police stations and medical practitioners about our itinerary to ensuree we receive sufficient security and health care,”said Chairperson of Padayatra.The members of the troupe, will be wearing similar t-shirts, recite slogans of OmSai during their journey. With special entry gates allotted for the padyatra devotees,the pain of having covered long distance gets completely overlooked.They have direct access to the shrine. They place the palanquin in front of the idol of Sai Baba and seek his blessings. On the following day, They return on a vehicle and prepare for hosting agrand feast on January 8th for the devotees of Sai Baba from the city.  Men, Women and Children of all age groups participate in the padayatra to Shirdi organized by this group.

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