Mandal / Group Name Om Shri Sai Sevak Padayatra Mandal(Trust)
Contact Persons Mr. Anil Devsekar, Mr. Raju Mudaliar, Mr. Gopal Phadke
Address C-3/2, MunicipalColony, Park Site, Vikhroli (West), Mumbai – 400 079.
Contact No 08655606160 / 093234 38380 / 098691 28040
Starting Point Park Site, Vikhroli (West),Mumbai.
Padayathra Shirdi


Our Mandal (Trust) was established in the year 2008 having registration with Charity Commissioner’s Office, Worli, Mumbai and annual Reports are being submitted to them without any interruption. Padayatra leaves along with Shri Saibaba Palanquin on Sunday & it reaches Shirdi on Saturday. After having darshan, those who wish to return home can leave Shirdi on the same night. The walking distance per day is approximate 35-40 KM. The number of Padayatris is around 40 to 50. Total of 4 tempos (3 big & 1 small) is used for carrying bags, food materials, water tanks, sound system etc. & in return journey to Mumbai most of the Padayatris avail the facility of travelling through these Tempos. Regular AARTI & Bhajans are conducted at every resting place. Note: Eating Tobacco, Gutkha, Smoking etc. are totally banned during these 8 days & because of these strict conditions many Padayatris are reluctant to join our Mandal’s Padayatra. Padayatra Period: Sunday to Sunday (2nd Sunday of December every year).

  • Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra with Palanquin on 2ng Sunday of December Every Year
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