Mandal / Group Name (Sai Palkhi)–Shri Sadguru Sai Charitable Trust, Nagpur(Regd. No.: E2398)
Contact Persons Shri. Pankaj Mahajan, Shri. Amol Bais
Address Nagpur, Email: ,
Contact No 9850056202, 95610036663, 9623664219, 9595443321
Starting Point Nagpur
Padayathra Shirdi


Every Year during Ram Navami Sai Palkhi starts from Nagpur along with the Idol of Shri Sai Baba and Silver Paduka

Along with the procession the priest & some of the devotees walk in front of palkhi & sing Bhajans. During this time different types of devotees pay their respect.

The devotees carry the palkhi on their shoulders from Nagpur to Shirdi. This palkhi reaches at Shirdi after 20 days. Generally about two thousand devotees to five thousand devotees accompany this procession and try to serve Baba by way of preparation for Palkhi by spreading flowers inside the Palkhi, making garlands, carrying the palkhi on their shoulders, drawing rangoli in front of SaiRath etc.



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