Temple Name Talcher Praja Mandal–Orissa
Address Talcher jagarnath Temple to Praja Mandal Bhawan, Orissa


Article By; Debaranjan Samal, Sub Editor (east), Odishabarta.com

TALCHER: Indian culture has at its heart the noble feelings of reverence and gratitude. The many festivals that dot the Indian calendar are all expressions of gratitude to the various elements of the world around us that make our lives pleasant and harmonious, and above all to God whose grace constantly surrounds His devotees protecting them and guiding them. It was a sanctum day for Talcher when thousands of devotees belonging to several parts of Orissa to participate in a large scale Shobha and Palki Yatra.
It was originated from Talcher jagarnath Temple took a round of the town and concluded at the same originating place on holy Ram Navami. For the first time in Talcher Shirdi Sai Baba palki yatra organized by Sai parivar. All the streets in Talcher were filled with Baba’s Palki processions. Thousands of Devotees carried Sai Baba’s Palki’s all the way from several places in Talcher, Badadanda sahi, first gate, Bye pass,Hatatota. All walked bare-foot all the way in the Palki Yatra. Devotees smeared with Gulal (Pink Color powder) danced all the way chanting Baba’s name to the beats of the drums & claps. Ram Navami day around Ten thousand devotees reached Talcher Praja Mandal premises to have Baba’s darshan and offer their love to him.
On the auspicious occasion ollywood singer Anil Baura,Sanjaya,Somya Mohapatra also came to Talcher for Baba’s darshan and sing Sai Bhajan . When Shirdi Sai Baba’s Palki is taken from Talcher jagarnath Temple to Praja Mandal Bhawan , many devotees go talking along-with Baba’s Palki, on a Padhyatra.
When this Palki reaches Praja Mandal Bhawan, before entering the stage , the Palki halts and many devotees lie down on the road, These devotees believe that Shirdi Sai himself is present there and when devotees carrying Baba’s Palki, walk over them, it is actually Sai Baba’s holy feet which walks over them and in doing so they get blessed and all their wishes are granted. Shirdi parivar had to use additional man-power to coordinate the crowds. Photo Exhibition of Sai Baba life history also placed inPraja Mandal campus by Ranjan Patra a devotee of Fakir baba. In the end, it’s not a question of Sai Baba’s Palki or Rath, as Baba himself is hungry only¬† for the Love of his devotee’s and this Rath Yatra is just a gesture of the devotee’s Love for Baba.